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Regeneration Project

Project Leader: Kenichi Takahashi, Professor, Construction Engineering, Division of Engineering, Hosei University
Regeneration Project covers worldwide waterfront regeneration projects, spaces close to water that are unique to Japan around rivers and canals, biotope in suburban areas, and river maintenance based on natural diversity; their social roles, environmental quality or designs will be compared and analyzed comprehensively from international perspectives, while multifaceted approach will be applied to various problems including laws or public development projects. As a result, these efforts will serve to find planning concepts and methods for waterfront regeneration that suit Japan in the 21st century. The Big Dig project in Boston, aimed at regaining urban waterfront for citizens, and the recovery project of Chong Gye Cheon River in Seoul are important cases among others, suggesting possibilities of waterfront regeneration for Tokyo and other metropolis in Japan.
Focusing on Tokyo, we will propose the followings: sustainable and high-quality seaside area regeneration plan that offers a site for community with mixed purposes and functions including housing, scheme for places or spaces that attracts more people and can be used for various events with ship transport revival in view, and ideas for renovating or capitalizing on existing stocks such as natural, industrial, architectural or civil engineering heritages of waterfront, that are still retained in memories of local residents.
In parallel with "Tokyo Saisei Kenkyu-kai" (Study group for regeneration of Tokyo) at Hosei University and "Chuo-ku Waterfront Kenkyu-kai", both of which have already yielded results, we will incorporate planning process into education programs of our graduate school.



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