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Laboratory of Regional Design with Ecology,

Hosei University


@The purpose of our research center is to study methods for true "regeneration of cities and regions" aiming to open up the "era of environment". In particular, we set out sights on the regeneration of waterfront spaces, unfortunately labeled as one of the negative legacies of the 20th century, despite their valuable histories where rich environments have been fostered. We revaluate waterfront spaces as an important pillar for urban and regional planning of the 21st century.
@ We adopt a unique approach to connect "ecology" and "history" for the sake of distinctive and sustainable revitalization of regions and cities in Japan that have lost environmental balances and cultural identities. This is one of our major characteristics.
@ Based on the international network among overseas specialists, we search for solutions to various problems through multidirectional concepts and methods. For one of our major research subjects, we selected Tokyo that came to recent international attention. Comparing Tokyo with other cities in Japan and foreign countries, we will deepen our understanding of waterfront spaces in Tokyo to propose concrete ways for their regeneration. In particular, our recent major research subjects include city core area focusing on historical outer moats and the west suburban area of Tokyo including Hino where rural landscapes formed by agricultural activities are well retained.

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