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Eco Project

Project Leader: Kiyotaka Deguchi, Professor, Construction Engineering, Division of Engineering, Hosei University
Water is essential for the living in groups of people and development of civilizations around the world, where ecological environment had been created. In Eco Project, various eco systems contained within the ground will be analyzed, focusing on Tokyo, Berlin, Bangkok, Paris and other representative cities of the world. Moreover, the ground water character, characteristics of spring water will be clarified along with information of geographical features and thereby water cycles or water resources formed by topography and features will be illustrated. There will be a need to analyze huge spaces spreading between the air and soil through micro-meteorological phenomena. It is also needed to consider objectively how the local weather system or climate is connected with human, the flora and fauna, for the understanding of urban ecosystem. Furthermore, temperature, humidity, radiation, and wind velocity in living environments will be measured, by which their strong ties with human, buildings, cities or regions will be made clear.
Based on these environmental and geographic outcomes, urban waterfront spaces will be illustrated from the viewpoint of engineering and numeric information through cartographic information science, along with the analysis of spatial structure and historical information of waterfront spaces. Through these steps, urban waterfront spaces will be comprehensively considered from the ecological standpoint.



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