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Laboratory of Regional Design with Ecology

 Until 2006, our research system was divided into four projects by each field, which has been reorganized into a new system integrating results of each research fields in 2007.


1. Overview and Strategy Project [Working Groups]
 Exploring general directions for our research, this project aims to integrate and coordinate five projects, and to examine strategic scenarios for promoting the research steadily.
 <Vision and Construction of Water Space WG>
 <Map Information WG>
 <Water Expo Project>


2. City Core and Bay Area Renovation Project [Working Groups]
 At this time of depopulation, we have to consider future changes appropriate for city core of Tokyo. New vision of city core for "regeneration of lost waterfront, green area, and history" is explored; this would be possible at the moment when released from pressure of high-density.
 <Tokyo Bay and Coastal Area Renovation WG>
 <Inner River Renovation WG>
 <Outer Moat Renovation WG>


3. Basin Zone Renovation Project [Working Groups]
 Waterfronts in existing urban areas, which compose a part of water area, interact mutually with suburban areas and headwaters through water system, or with agricultural mountains and fishing villages. This project consists of the following working groups as representative examples;
 <Hino Irrigation Channels Renovation WG>
 <Musashino Tableland WG>
 <Shimanto River Basin and Hata Kuroshio Area Renovation WG>


4. Port Town Renovation Project [Working Groups]
 In Japan, many port towns remain their original townscapes, developed based on ship transportation. Using Manazuru-cho, Kanagawa Prefecture as an example, the project aims to draw current values of port towns and to propose practical measures for renovation.


5. Oversea Research Project [Working Groups]
 Focusing on Western and Asian waterfront cities, the project aims to acknowledge recent renovation processes based on theories of space and society; at the same time, it extracts historical problems and issues for constructing modern cities by expanding and elaborating methodology of urban renovation.


[Field-by-field research system in 2010]

[Field-by-field research system inl 2009]

[Field-by-field research system until 2006]


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