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Laboratory of Regional Design with Ecology



History Project
The objective of this project is to clarify mechanisms of waterfront space formation in cities developed along seaside areas and river basins, as well as historical elements for urban revitalization, through the viewpoints of history of city formation, social history and cultural history.



Eco Project
This project aims at finding specific ways to ecologically improve urban environments, adopting various approaches to urban waterfront spaces, such as water cycle, water resource, micro-meteorology, thermal and air environments, cartographic information science, etc.



Local Management Project
In this project, the effects of regeneration of waterfront spaces on urban societies in Japan, as well as its socio-economic or cultural meanings will be clarified, through property or management issues, systems or laws that limit land use, and residents or citizen participation; in other words, from the viewpoint of local management.



Regeneration Project
In consideration of international case studies, we will construct new planning methods for waterfront regeneration of Tokyo, and propose a new scenario to formulate a grand design in concretive manner.



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