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  The members list of our new system for 2009 has been updated. [Japanese version]


  The project outline for 2009 has been updated.
Jul.03,2009   Update Member List. [Japanese version]

Hino Art Festival “Discover Nakada-no-Mori Heritage Project” will be held.

* Discover Nakada-no-Mori Heritage Project

22 Aug. (Sat.) 10:00-20:45
23 Aug. (Sun.) 10:00-18:30

Square for natural experience (Shizen Taiken Hiroba) in Nakada-no-Mori
(next to the west gates of Nakada Elementary School, 15 minutes walk from Hino Station, 10 minutes walk from Koshukaido Station)

Abstract from event information:
“This place familiar to citizens as “Square for natural experience in Nakada-no-Mori”, was old Hino Mulberry Farm managed by Ministry of Agriculture and Forestry from the beginning of the Showa Era to the 55th year of Showa.
The farm conducted study on integration of silkworm eggs and quality of cocoons. After the facilities’ movement to Tsukuba, the enclosed site with fences has been isolated from the development of the surrounding areas. As a result, natural environment can be regenerated in the site within 20 years afterward.
The deserted place left for nearly 30 years, and finally assimilated into surrounding forests is touching.
Such beautiful ruins can be rarely seen in changeable Tokyo.”

Event Details
    1) Installation: (22 Aug. 18:30-20:30)
 The ruins of the fifth silkworm room will be decorated by illumination and objects.
2) Ruins tour (22&23 Aug.)
 Visitors will be able to compare present and past while walking around ruins assimilated to nature.
3) Talk session hosted by Shizen Taiken Hiroba no Midori wo Aisuru-kai (23 Aug. 14:00- at 1st floor of Kuwa House)
 Reports will be made by organizations which have developed activities in Nakada-no-mori. The talk session focusing on future and past of Nakada-no-mori will be held.
4) Panel display and slide show (22&23 Aug. at 1st floor of Kuwa House)
 Heritages of Nakada-no-Mori will be presented in panels and slides.
Discover Nakada-no-Mori Heritage Project
Co-Host TownFactory (first-class architect’s office)
Laboratory of Regional Design with Ecology, Hosei University
Shizen Taiken Hiroba no Midori wo Aisuru-kai
Sponsors Kagura-zaka Kenchiku-Juku
    Hino Art Festival
Executive Committee of Hino Art Festival, Central Community Center of Hino City
* “Discover Nakada-no-Mori Heritage Project” is participating organization of “Hino Art Festival”.
    Event Details
For more information of the event, click the following link.
Aug.10,2009   The project outline 2009 has been updated.
Oct.10,2009   We will take part in a research project by “The Institute of Sustainable Research and Education at Hosei University (法政大学サステイナビリティ研究教育機構)” on the project division, “Sustainable Urban and Regional Designs”.


  Update Member List. [Japanese version]



The following lecture meeting will be held.

We will invite Prof. Chris Wainwright from London, who has actively interacted with Japanese researchers in recent years. He will give a lecture on how he realized floating village on the Thames River composed of 18 houses where artists mainly reside.
Lecture Theme: “Waterfront Regeneration in London―Challenge to Floating Village”
Speaker Chris Wainwright (Professor at University of the Arts London, Film Artist)
(Interpreter: Genichi Ide)
Date 11 Nov. 2009 (Wed.) 18:30-21:00
Place Multimedia Hall, Faculty of Engineering and Design, Hosei University
    (2-33, Ichigaya-Tamachi, Shinjuku-ku, Ichigaya Tamachi Campus, Hosei Univ.) [map]
    *Admission Free


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